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Thought Walking In

Well looking from the outside this is by far the most modern looking place in the whole of Khao Takiap and probably all of Hua Hin, they’re even in the short list for the world’s most stunning interior designs. So thought cwalking in??? “Probably not the cheapest place place in Hua Hin but should be quality!”.

The place is divided into two section, one for the cafe (which opens at 8 am) and the other for the restaurant (which opens at 10:30 am). Each menu is different with the cafe menu focusing on more western “pub type” food like eggs on toast, burgers, sandwiches etc. The restaurant has more of a focus on seafood and consists of both Western and Thai dishes.

The place is really open planned with a high ceiling and surrounded by glass walls (a bit like a green house). The glass walls are bordered by a heap of plants and trees so there’s not too much light…the architect for this place really had everything in mind from design to comfort. With so much space, there’s a good amount of seating available and each section has it’s own little feel to it with standard table chairs, sofa’s and tables, and stools with a bar style bench.

The menu they have sitting out the front before you enter, which always says something to me. If you’ve got a good menu and know you’re gonna get what you pay for, why hide it? Flaunt it!

Maybe not the best breakfast in Hua Hin, but certainly Khao Takiab.

Prices very reasonable with coffee (cappuccino’s latte’s etc.) at 90 baht and scrambled eggs on toast for 95 baht.

The Experience

SUPERB! I sat in the cafe area to get a coffee and have a bit of breakfast. The coffee was up to the standards of Bangkok, the food was not only delicious, but presented well and very well priced! You honestly feel like your dining in a 5 start hotel that has a new modern concept for dining. I couldn’t believe walking out of this place paying 200 baht for an awesome coffee and brakfast…it felt like they messed up the bill!

I grabbed a sofa chair while I was there with a table to set up my laptop etc. Service was quick, coffee arrived within about 2 minutes and when ordering the “scrambled eggs” it took no longer than 5 minutes before I was chowing in! There was nothing too fancy about the scrambled eggs, it was pretty much just that on a large piece of multi-grain toast…but they were cooked to perfection and it was a good portion of food as well.

Thought Leaving

Like I needed to pay more.

What I Will Remember

The open plan space, good WiFi and finally a quality coffee in Hua Hin!

Will I Go Back?

Every day without fail – even if it means having a coffee at 10 pm because I was unable to get there during the day.


Air Space Khao Takiab, Hua Hin – 12/399 Hua Dorn, Nong Kae. Khao Takiab, 77110 Hua Hin

Getting There

Geeez…first time writing about a beach town without a solid metro or bus system…so here we go. Get a cab! 🙂 No actually there is a good number of tuk tuk buses that move around the Hua Hin area and one of which takes you all the way to Khao Takiab. I’d suggest if you’re not staying in the Khoa Takiab area you make a day of it and hit nthe beach at Khao Takiap and plan your lunch or dinner at Air Space around that.

The Tuk Tuk bus to Khao Takiap looks a little like this (green bus with open back)

takiab bus

During the busy time you might find yourself hanging out the back but they travel at a steady pace and stop regularly along the way so you can get off pretty much anywhere between Hua Hin and Khao Takiab.

You take this bus all the way to the end of the line – which is actually Khao Takiab. Once you get off you’ll see the road divides into 2 with one road coming to a short dead end (Khao Takiab beach) and the other veering off to the right into the unknown! Take the path to the unknown…you can walk it, it’s basically about 300 meters down this road on left (opposite the “SeaCraze” Condominium).


Prices are incredible for this place – very reasonable! The restaurant is a little more pricey with dishes between 200-500 baht.


You can check out their Facebook page here.


Awesome! – I’ve always found the Hua Hin area to have great WiFi! Better than a lot of places in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

What to Expect
  • Location
  • Price
  • Food Quality
  • Coffee Quality


Not the best location and not good value for money.

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